*** SOBS *** Why I recommend yellow lights!

…white lights can be camouflage when everyone around is also using white lights!

I know I keep telling you about Science Of Being Seen (SOBS), and I keep mentioning my live webcasts, but there’s a reason – so many riders seem unaware just how invisible they are on the road.

Bill Robinson – who took one of my ONLINE COACHING courses earlier this month – sent me a short video clip of an incident he’d had when riding his bike. I’ve asked for permission to re-use the clip because I think it’s incredibly informative.

Pending that permission, I’ve snipped a couple of stills and I’ll be talking about the issues of night time visibility later this morning in ELEVENSES – which is, oddly enough, going out LIVE at 11am at http://www.facebook.com/survivalskills.

If you can’t catch it then, I do suggest you find a few minutes to view the section of the show either on FB or over at YouTube:

There’s a scooter in there somewhere… can you see it?

The still photos from the video will help me explain why adding more or brighter WHITE lights isn’t the answer to improving nighttime conspicuity, and why I recommend YELLOW lights not just to differentiate ourselves from other vehicles in daytime against white day running lights but also why they have been shown to be effective at night in built-up areas.

Dare to be different!
Yellow headlight covers are an inexpensive way of making a motorcycle stand out in a sea of lights.

So watch ELEVENSES this morning, and then sign up for:

SOBS is a 40 minute talk about the twin issues of
human visual perception and motorcycle conspicuity,
why conventional hi-vis clothing and day-riding lights
have proven less than successful at preventing
junction collisions. Discover how to use Survival Skills
‘proactive measures’ into your own riding.
Tickets cost £5.
Book at: http://thq.fyi/se/012097de78a5