*** SCIENCE OF BEING SEEN *** Second Chance – rescheduled to Wed 8 June

Unfortunately, I went down with a thumping headache on Wednesday afternoon last week, so the SOBS In-Depth webcast that was due to go live at 8pm that evening had to be cancelled – I could barely focus on the screen, so rather than push on with a second-rate performance, I decided to put it back a week to Wednesday 8 June.

So if you hadn’t booked for the original event, you have a SECOND CHANCE!

The ‘SCIENCE OF BEING SEEN’ (SOBS) presentation is an in-depth investigation of the most common motorcycle crash of all – the ‘Sorry Mate I Didn’t See You’ or ‘SMIDSY’ collision at junctions.

In this SCIENCE OF BEING SEEN – IN-DEPTH – which alternate with the FULL version of SOBS – I’ll be taking a look at how we scan the scene around us and explain that we don’t capture camera-like images of the world around us – discover the role played by fixations and saccades as we attempt to gain situational awareness, and explaining why lateral motion may be important in helping a driver see us. .

Even if you have already seen the full version of SOBS, the additional detail will help you understand why drivers occasionally don’t see bikes… and why riders often fail to realise there’s a threat!

Use the booking link here for information about how the webcast runs.


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