HUGE turn-out for ‘Science Of Being Seen’ online

On Wednesday 28 April, I was able – thanks to the wonders of Zoom – to deliver a ‘Science Of Being Seen’ presentation to my biggest ever audience in the UK. 

I was talking to Thames Valley Advanced Motorcyclists, who I think are still the biggest group of advanced riders in England.

I was absolutely gobsmacked to hear that TVAM had had to upgrade their Zoom subscription to the next level to cope with the demand for virtual seats – over 150 people attended on the evening. 

They got the full SOBS talk lasting around forty minutes, followed by an additional thirty minutes question and answer session. 

And the feedback was excellent too:

“Was at your talk about SOBS last night for TVAM. A superb presentation & properly interesting subject, I learned a lot. Thank you very much.”

“It was a great session last night Kevin, thank you for taking the time. We got it! “

It’s always good to get the Science Of Being Seen out to a receptive audience – thanks to TVAM for the chance to speak to the group and a fantastic turn out !



Member of a bike group or riding club? Why not get your OWN PRESENTATION booked up? Thanks to Zoom the talk can be delivered straight to everybody’s own home!

You’ll get a thorough and science-based investigation into  the history of junction collisions and safety interventions, the problems of driver visual perception, the pros and cons of motorcycle conspicuity aids such as day-riding lights and hi-vis clothing, along with suggestions for more effective conspicuity strategies and how to ride proactively to prevent the need for someone else to see you to keep you safe! 

Contact me via the app on 

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